Top Podcasts for Medical Students

The Top Podcasts for Medical Students in 2023

It is easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of material that students are required to know for upcoming tests. Medical podcasts are a helpful tool that students can utilize for on-the-go studying or simply mixing up their typical textbook study routines. There are many options for both…

Top Alternatives to Sketchy Medical

Best Sketchy Medical Alternatives in 2023

Sketchy is a well-known study tool for medical students who enjoy visuals, mnemonics, and storylines to help them solidify content for their upcoming exams and remember long-term information. That being said, Sketchy may not be suitable for every student who utilizes these study tactics, and with its high cost, other alternatives may seem more appealing.

USMLE Dedicated

Plan Your USMLE Step 1 Dedicated in 10 Steps

Another way to build balance is to schedule buffers in your Step 1 study schedule. Some ideas that I have utilized include scheduling more time to do activities, leaving gaps in your schedule, or being conservative in the number of items you prescribe yourself to complete every day.

Medical Student Rotations M4

How to Start Your Fourth Year of Medical School (M4)

The fourth year of medical school is full of changing expectations, moving pieces, and a lot of uncertainty.

First and foremost, what are the steps that you can take to start early? How can you be prepared for fourth year before it begins? I’ll start with a quick list here and dive into more detailed sections below.

What Is Anki?

What Is Anki and How Can It Help You?

Unlike many other digital flashcard apps, Anki uses a spaced repetition algorithm to determine when to show you cards. If you make or download a new deck of 50 cards for a lecture, you’ll review all of them on the first day.

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