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Best Gifts for Medical Students by Price

Best Gifts for Medical Students by Price

Although medical-themed coffee mugs and syringe-shaped pens are popular options and certainly funny, these do not provide the utility that most medical students are looking for. This article is a list of useful gift ideas that you could provide for your friends and family to make the answer to that question a bit easier for everyone.

Personal Statement

The 2023 Guide to Writing a Personal Statement For Residency Applications

Most medical students struggle with the personal statement because the expectations for it are so vague and broad. When do you write it? How do you get started? What do you put in it? How do you know if it is good? In reality, the answers to these questions will vary depending on who you talk to; most people, however, will agree that the personal statement should be a mix of your unique interests, aspirations, and motivations in addition to “why” you are interested in the particular field you are applying into In this piece, I will present to you tips, tricks, and approaches to starting, writing, and editing a personal statement.

Abortion Bans and Medicine

How Abortion Laws are Impacting Medical Training and Practice

Since the landmark decision by the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v Wade, the landscape of abortion care in the US has changed dramatically. The case, known as Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organization, upheld a Mississippi law that banned all abortions after 15 weeks gestation. In the course of doing so, they overturned decades of precedent that had held restricting abortion to be a violation of a woman’s right to privacy.

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