AACOMAS Osteopathic Medical School Application Deadlines

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The American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine Application Service (AACOMAS) is the centralized online application service for osteopathic medical schools in the United States provided by the American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine (AACOM®).

AACOMAS simplifies the process of applying to osteopathic medical schools. You can select all of the programs you wish to apply to, then submit a single application that includes all necessary materials. AACOMAS verifies your application for accuracy and sends it with your materials to the osteopathic medical schools you designate.


Below, you will find application deadlines for DO programs.

These deadlines are subject to change during the application cycle. The most up-to-date information is available on the AACOM website.

Campus (COM = College of Osteopathic Medicine, SOM = School of Osteopathic Medicine)AACOMAS DeadlineSupplemental DeadlineDeposit deadlines conform to AACOMAS Traffic guidelines
Arizona COM of Midwestern UniversityJan. 1, 2023Mar. 1, 2023Yes
Arkansas COMMar. 1, 2023Mar. 1, 2023Yes
A.T. Still University-Kirksville COMFeb. 1, 2023Mar. 1, 2023Yes
A.T. Still University-SOM in ArizonaMar. 1, 2023Apr. 1, 2023Yes
Burrell COM at New Mexico State UniversityMar. 31, 2023Apr. 12, 2023No, See listing*
California Health Sciences University COMMar. 1, 2023Apr. 1, 2023Yes
Campbell University Jerry M. Wallace SOMMar. 1, 2023Mar. 15, 2023Yes
Chicago COM of Midwestern UniversityJan. 1, 2023Mar. 1, 2023Yes
Des Moines University COMMar. 1, 2023N/AYes
Idaho COMApr. 1, 2023Apr. 15, 2023See listing*
Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences COMMar. 1, 2023Mar. 15, 2023Yes
Kansas Health Science Center ? Kansas College of Osteopathic MedicineMar. 1, 2023Mar. 15, 2023Yes
Lake Erie COMApr. 1, 2023Apr. 1, 2023Yes
Lake Erie COM Bradenton CampusApr. 1, 2023Apr. 10, 2023Yes
Liberty University COMMar. 1, 2023Mar. 15, 2023No, see listing*
Lincoln Memorial University?DeBusk COMMar. 15, 2023Mar. 15, 2023Yes
Marian University COMTBATBAYes
Michigan State University COMDec. 1, 2022Feb. 1, 2023No, See listing*
Montana COMMar. 15, 2023Apr. 15, 2023Yes
New York Institute of Technology COMMar. 1, 2023Mar. 8, 2023Yes
Noorda COMFeb. 1, 2023Mar. 1, 2023Yes
Nova Southeastern University-Dr. Kiran C. Patel COMJan. 15, 2023Mar. 1, 2023Yes
Ohio University Heritage COMFeb. 1, 2023Mar. 1, 2023Yes
Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences COMFeb. 28, 2023Mar. 30, 2023Yes
Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences?COMFeb. 1, 2023Mar. 1, 2023Yes
Philadelphia COMFeb. 1, 2023Mar. 1, 2023Yes
PCOM Georgia (Suwanee and Moultrie campuses)Feb. 1, 2023N/AYes
Rocky Vista University COM (Colorado, Utah)TBATBAYes
Rowan University SOMFeb. 1, 2023Feb. 15, 2023Yes
Sam Houston University COMNov. 1, 2022Dec. 1, 2022No, see listing*
Touro COM?New YorkMar. 1, 2023Mar. 15, 2023Yes
Touro University COM?CaliforniaMar. 15, 2023Apr. 15, 2023No, see listing*
Touro University Nevada COMMar. 15, 2023Apr. 15, 2023Yes
University of the Incarnate Word SOMMar. 15, 2023RollingYes
University of New England COMFeb. 1, 2023Mar. 15, 2023Yes
University of North Texas Health Science Center/Texas COMNov. 1, 2022Dec. 1, 2022No, See listing*
University of Pikeville-Kentucky COMMar. 1, 2023Mar. 15, 2023Yes
Edward Via COM?AuburnMar. 1, 2023RollingYes
Edward Via COM?CarolinasMar. 1, 2023RollingYes
Edward Via COM?LouisianaMar. 1, 2023RollingYes
Edward Via COM?VirginiaMar. 1, 2023RollingYes
West Virginia SOMFeb. 15, 2023Mar. 15, 2023Yes
Western University of Health Sciences/COM of the Pacific (Pomona and Lebanon campuses)TBATBAYes
William Carey University COMMar. 15, 2023Apr. 15, 2023Yes
Source. Data as of 8/23/2022

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